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Best of Best

The Single Best Way for Writers to Become a Brand

Writers & vigilance of craft: don’t count on anyone to fix things later by @moonrat

Poet @robertleebrewer explains why quantity leads to quality

Authors: No matter when your book was launched, here’s how to keep the buzz going by @arielleford

A bare bones plot summary synopsis is boring. Include emotional twists of your characters. Here’s how

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Results of “first novel” survey to learn how writers broke in + made that first big novel deal

Secrets of a verbal book pitch

Why you should never compare your manuscript to “Eat, Pray, Love”

How to write a one sentence, one paragraph, & two paragraph pitch (& importance thereof)

An agent on ‘what if a book is only *good*, not great

The Future of Genre Fiction

How to Sell Without a Sales Pitch

5 Reasons Your Manuscript Keeps Getting Rejected

Query fail: debunking the myths

Craft & Technique

Writers: avoid these 8 Common Cliché Mistakes

Bad advice to ignore from your critique group

6 Reasons I Stop Reading (and How to Avoid Them)

The Unlikeable (Potentially Evil) Protagonist

A checklist for planning and revising scenes for maximum effect

Making or breaking your characters with dialogue

Love this post – Writing the Amateur Sleuth: Keep It Believable

Character worksheet: Is your character novel-worthy?

Adrift in a sea of bad writing: “Crappy prose is our most abundant resource, so let’s put it to work.”


News & Trends

Biggest users of $500 iPad? Kids reading books

Richard Nash on a new business model for publishing

Micro magazines and a future of media


Platform Building, Self-Promotion

Great post on how more Amazon reviews can help your boost book sales.

Questions to Ask Your Publicist

Blogs & Websites

Writing for the Online Audience (Part 1)

How to Build an Audience Around Your Blog

Social Media

Ten Tips to Be Awesome Online

Writers, this is a MUST READ post about social networking
from @JodyHedlund


and E-Publishing

Konrath answers the top e-book questions from writers considering the leap


& Online Tools

Directory of Paying Freelance Writers’ Markets (mainly US and Canada)

24 Posts About Markets, Leads, and Places to Find Writing Work – Wow, that’s some list!

The Writing Life
& Fun Stuff

Are Writing Contests Worth Entering?

The Three Surprisingly Simple Keys to Success

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