Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 5/13/11)

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Best of Best

Seth Godin explores people’s goals in publishing a book

6 tools to help you format your eBook; includes tools for ePub, Mobi & PDF files

What Is the ROI of a Conversation?
[business context, but applies to authors]

Getting Published + Agents/Editors

Author, Know Thy Self [knowing your genre]

Should you ask a published author to look at your work and/or give you an agent referral?

What kind of advance can you expect?

Query letters – do you have personality?

Craft + Technique

10 Ways to Totally Screw Up Your Novel

10 Ways to Create a Plot Twist

Ticking Clock or Option Exhaustion: 2 Ways to Bring Your Novel To A Crisis

The most critical storytelling skill

Does Your Story Have a Hook or Merely a Gimmick?

3 ways to end your chapters

8 Ways NOT to Describe Your Main Character


Children’s Writing

5 Fast Differences Between YA and MG

Picture book writing tips: “allow the child character to be the one to figure out a solution”

Publishing News + Trends

Bookish fits in between Amazon and Goodreads, to solve a “problem” that only exists for publishers, not readers.

Big Think on redefining the e-book experience

Piracy vaults a book to number one bestseller and scores it a movie deal.

Marketing + Self-Promotion

Smashwords Book Marketing Guide is now in the Kindle Store, and it’s FREE starting now

The Dials, Levers and Buttons of Building Your Author Platform

Websites + Blogs

Do You Really Need a Blog if you’re on Facebook or Twitter?

21 Ways to Create Compelling Content When You Don’t Have a Clue

Social Media

Editors, writers & producers are using reactions from fans to improve their storytelling methods

The Ultimate Guide to Twitter Marketing


Self-Publishing + E-Publishing

Ooh, 2 of my favorite authors: @scottsigler guests on @jakonrath blog on self-publishing

Creating Amazon Kindle bestsellers

Tracking a Bestseller Through Price Changes – One Book’s Story

Tips to improve your Amazon sales page
@craftycmc talks to @thecreativepenn

Online Tools + Resources

Looking for some good online writing communities? Check out my FB page – lots of great ones!

10 Kindle Tricks and Tweaks

10 websites where you download free & legal eBooks


Writing Life + Fun

“Famous authors tend to write only for 4 hrs during the morning.” Interesting study about productivity

Writers & Kitties

Writers talk about their lives before they “made it” – an inspiring blog


Stereotyping people by their favorite author

Against Professionalism

Beautiful essay by Christopher Hitchens on losing his voice & the relationship of voice & writing.

Can you teach creative writing?


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One thought on “Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 5/13/11)

  1. Andy

    Regarding Redefining the E-book at BigThink:

    It seems like an enhanced, interactive e-book will be similar to a really great web site, no?

    Just with (hopefully) a high degree of professionalism, a pay wall, and formatting that works on the e-reading devices?


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