Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 5/1/09)

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Best Tweet

All you authors still wondering what a “platform” is and why you need one … be sure to read @MichaelHyatt post


Literary agent Ashley Grayson on the Google Books settlement. If you are in publishing, GO READ IT.

Essential Blogging Question: How Can You Help Your Readers Today?

Interesting way to write a novel piece by piece as blog posts.

Amazon Acquires Stanza: What Does It All Mean?

Seth Godin’s Advice for Authors

Interesting find during query research. From this month’s issue of The Writer: “Always send in simultaneous submissions.”

How to turn your real life story into a novel. A Q&A with writer Susan Shapiro.

10 TWITTER Tools for Writers

A blog that contains info on creative writing contests.

Editor/Author Rakesh Satyal on finding time to write.

I not only RT-ed but bookmarked this 39-step primer on writing.

Agents talk about publishing, queries, and writing (from Poets & Writers) @heatheragoodman

The 12 1/2 Writing Rules You’ll Ever Need (awesome!!! Let’s get started!)

Why Does Persistence Pay in Life? The Mathematical Proof

Five things publishers (and agents) hate

Why serious bloggers should avoid Google AdSense by @Human3rror

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