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Best of Best

The reason that the majority of what’s not published by publishers isn’t published is that it’s bad, plain and simple.

How many copies must sell for a book to be a “success”?

Is it possible for an author to make a living from selling eBooks?

How one writer has become successful on Kindle–with no platform or name recognition

Reader’s advice to writers: We’re really not interested in your narcissistic fantasy life



Many novels convey a message about life. That’s different from having an agenda. Message=good. Agenda=not good.

When we negotiate contracts, the advance is only ONE of 20+ crucial points. You’d be amazed at the details.

Best rejection response ever: “I truly appreciate your kind words, and thank you for the candid feedback.” Me: SUBMIT AGAIN PLEASE!

If you keep your MS password protected, secured under deadbolt & never show it to anyone, you are paranoid.

I hate how many non-fiction projects I have to say NO to. “Great idea, nice execution, no platform, sorry.”

Shankman #asja10 core message: Make your use of social media about the folks in your network, not about you.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Query tip from @MeganCrewe: study blurbs on the backs of published books

How to Stalk an Agent (nicely)

New Ways to Find a Publisher

How important is the publisher to a book’s success?

Craft & Technique

How to Cut Your Manuscript by 20% or More… And Love It

Does your first chapter contain these weaknesses?

Plotting Made Easy – The Complications Worksheet

Writers, check out @lainitaylor’s BRILLIANT online plotting workshop! Be sure and read all 3 parts!

Ever wondered how to find a critique group? Guest blogger today

How to Write a Book Series: tips from @suzanne_young

Chapter Endings & The Hunger Games by @kathytemean


News & Trends

Publish or Perish: Ken Auletta asks, Can the iPad topple the Kindle, and save the book business?

An interview with Joseph Matheny about, you know, #futurepub

& Site Building

21 tips to land a guest post every time

Post of the day for me: 5 google analytic tips you need to know

How to run successful blog contests


In today’s post, I explain 20-to-1 rule of social media deposits and
What do you think?

How to use Twitter to promote your ebook or paper book—and build professional and personal relationships

Platform Building, Self-Promotion

‘They don’t pay us to write books; they pay us to sell books.’ A writer’s wisdom from client @kmaezenmiller

WRITERS, read! –> You’ve Got to be Kidding!

Why your book isn’t selling

Is Facebook replacing the book tour?


and E-Publishing

Book Publishing Numbers That Tell A Story

A novel concept: Roll your own iBooks with ePub
[word processing software that saves your documents as ePub files]

The Self-Publisher’s Self-Questionnaire

Very interesting post about Print On Demand
[how to spot a publishing service masquerading as a publisher]


& Online Tools

Great list from @LiaKeyes of agents who blog

The Writing Life
& Fun Stuff

Poster: Ready to Publish Your Novel?


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