Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 4/22/11)

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for the week’s best Tweets. If I missed a great Tweet, leave it in the comments.

Best of Best

My letter to beginning science-fiction writers; 2,000 words of advice

Read this and work out whether you should rewrite that scene by @internspills

Getting Published + Agents/Editors

Anne R. Allen’s Blog: 12 Signs Your Novel isn’t Ready to Publish

Craft + Technique

How To Create A Plot Outline In 8 Easy Steps

10 Tips for Writing Excellence From Top Writing Bloggers

How To Write A Better Novel By Using An Inciting Incident

The 12 Stages of the Hero’s Journey by Christopher Vogler

Use a character web to track your characters

How to make your most ordinary scene interesting

A Free 30-Minute Video Workshop with Larry Brooks

Publishing News + Trends

What Books Will Become by Kevin Kelly

Mike Shatzkin predicts which aspects of digital change will be most important over coming year

Marketing + Self-Promotion

26 Ways to Engage With Customers Using Video

Cory Doctorow on how to persuade people to pay for authorized edition when pirated copies are free

27 ways to promote your book—before writing it, before launching it, & after publishing it

Blogs + Websites

Don’t You Dare Start A Blog Without Reading This

Social Media

Sound social media advice from @luxlotus: “start by doing one thing really well”

Exploring the difference between having readers and having FANS

5 Scientifically Proven Ways to Get More Twitter Followers

Self-Publishing + E-Publishing

17 Great Information Sources for e-Book Authors

“Is Lightning Source the Self-Publishing Answer?” As with so many questions, the answer is…it depends.

99 Cent E-Books and the Tragedy of the Commons

Writing Life + Fun

Literary coverage has grown, but reaching readers is as difficult as ever


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