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  • Self-Marketing
    for Authors
    by agent Chip MacGregor on April 8. This session
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  • Legal Issues Affecting Writers by lawyer Amy Cook on April 15. Whether you’re a novelist, memoirist, or journalist, learn how to stay on the right side of copyright and fair use laws.

Best of Best

Common query-writing errors (that have nothing to do with the query)

Giving it away for free: Obscurity vs. Making Money as a Writer

An agent is looking for fresh & new (and what that is)

Self-Publishing Pro and Con(temptuous)

7 Reasons Why Writers Need To Start Using Video For Book Promotion



My job is not to just set down events that happened to me. My job is to create an experience for a reader (memoirist Mary Karr)

First impressions of characters are important. Why should we like them, or want to read about them?

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Going high-concept with your writing

Writers: can you distill your story into 1-2 sentences? @KathleenBolton on logline pitches

Literary Agent Nathan Bransford on Pitching (video)

Self entitlement is the law of anti-attraction online

Why writer need to learn the art of pitch: insider tips from Alan Rinzler

The Quest for Art vs. The Quest for a Publisher

An editor on how lead titles are chosen among new releases

From Book to Bestseller: What It Takes To Crack The List
[how bestsellers are determined on the major lists]

Craft & Technique

Hallie Ephron on the best writing advice she ever received

How to Grab Them on Page One

Has your book got a saggy middle? Pick up the pace

4 problems with turning life into fiction

Avoid using the cliche “It suddenly dawned on her” – Character arc & epiphanies

5-part blog series on creating believable characters through the 5 stages of grief. Part 1 starts here


News & Trends

Stephen King rejects iPad, praises Kindle, and furnishes with books

Are Mobile Apps Worth the Investment? The future of eBooks, or a distraction?

Publishers are not staying ahead of the shift

Blogging & Site Building

4 Foundations of a Successful Blog

4 classic mistakes a blogger made in the 1st year–and how she still ended up with 1000 followers

5 Easy Blog Improvements in under 5 Minutes

What do you talk about on your blog if you write fiction?

Social Media

5 Commonly Misunderstood Things on Twitter

Facebook etiquette–things you shouldn’t do on Facebook

Why commenting on blogs is important

Reading author @MargaretAtwood’s early experiences as a Tweeter. A worthy read. She’s funny!

Marketing, Platform Building, Self-Promotion

Marketing your first book: Tips for authors

Marketing 101: Never (Ever) Sell Your Book

8 Steps For Successfully Marketing Yourself Online

Marketing can give a books a boost, but you can’t make something a phenomenon

Essential reading for writers building their online presence

and E-Publishing

Thoughts on Traditionally Published Authors & E-publishing

Great article: Adventures in Self-Publishing

Before You Self Publish: 5 Vital Things To Do



& Online Tools

All the Bookkeeping a Freelancer Needs in One Little Web App

Beyond Amazon–tools for tracking your book sales

The Writing Life
& Fun Stuff

Go Into The Story: “The Best Writing Advice of the Best Writing Advice”

Should we develop non-attachment to our writing? “As soon as you care, you lose”

Dos and Don’ts of connecting with a writing mentor

Slush pile lessons–why an editor refuses to be a snarky slusher (and unfollows those who are)

The 7 most motivational quotes of all time

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One thought on “Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 4/2/10)

  1. Theresa Milstein

    There were a lot of good links, as usual. I especially liked the one about pitching at a conference. Although I don’t have a formal pitch session set up, I do have an agent/editor query critique and a ten-page critique set up, so I have a better sense of how to be prepared in case they ask me about another project.

    As my blog readership increases, it’s hard to keep up with each follower’s blog. I have some that I follow religiously, but it would be great if you ever come across a blog etiquette post, to provide a link. Should I follow everyone who follows me? If not, how often should I try to visit/comment?


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