Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 4/1/11)

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First, check out these live, online classes from Writer’s Digest:

5 Essential Components of a Strong Author Website — presented by yours truly, on April 7.

Best of the Best

How to Use Kickstarter to Fund a Self-Published Book

Kurt Vonnegut story grids show how successful plots (from Cinderella to disaster stories) work

More Eisler vs. Hocking. Lee Goldberg concludes: “There isn’t just one approach to publishing any more.”

Craft + Technique

What one writer has learned from judging writing contests

Publishing News + Trends

Amanda Hocking explains the reasoning behind her publishing deal

How publishers can and must add value in digital era from @TheFutureBook

Smart commentary from @MarionManeker on challenges of e-publishing

Marketing + Promotion

When Content Is Everywhere, Marketing Is Queen

The Anatomy of a Successful Ebook Giveaway

Blogs + Social Media

How authors can make money from their web presence

The Unsexy Truth about Finding Traffic for Your Blog

Self-Publishing + E-Publishing

“No writer wants to hear that success could take 12 years. But sometimes, that’s how long it takes to get lucky.”

Does Your Ebook Need Its Own ISBN?

Paying For Self-Publishing Help

Why your self-publishing service probably didn’t cheat you

Top 8 Cover Design Tips for DIY Self-Publishers


Great blogs for self-publishers

Writing Life

Why Pen Names Suck & Can Make Us Crazy

Celebrating Enigma (My First E-Book): A Round-Up

Tomorrow, everyone will be asking, “What’s your favorite variation?”

Jane Friedman fans, are you sleeping? You could be reading & laughing along w/Jane’s Enigma Variations on the Future of Publishing

“Paper books will become talismans, souvenirs, collectors’ items for paper sniffers” says Jane Friedman

“The omnipresent Google, the omnipotent Amazon, and omnificent Apple” = GAA(d) in future publishing.

Needless to say, @janefriedman is one of my heroes. love this. Enigma

If you’re a Writer or seriously ensconced in publishing, its ESSENTIAL that U follow this lady –> @JaneFriedman **ALSO GET HER NEW BOOK!


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