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Best of Best

Where to spend your blogging time

What’s it like to be a NYT bestseller?

Am I Good Enough to E-Publish?

The Pitfalls of Using Self-Publishing Book Packages


Writers: “Always remember, perseverance is as important as talent.” –Dean Koontz

Poetry exists to embody the harsh wonder of existence, the improbability of consciousness. ~ John Repp

If you really don’t care which agent you get, you’re doing it wrong.

No need to tell me it’s a multiple submission. I assume it is.

“Even now, I have a hard time believing that it all happened.” Cliche opening. Don’t use it.

A query should be a missile directed to a specific target/agent. It is very obvious when you are mass-mailing a query.

Author tip: Promising in proposal 2 promote your book thru a business you haven’t started yet does not an Author’s Platform make.

Hero/ine must not be able to just walk away from the conflict or easily resolve it by discussing problem.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

First novel sales–the data from Writers Beware

Don’t settle for being published badly

Answering questions on Sci Fi–potential income, resources, breaking in

Craft & Technique

How to hook your reader in your opening scene

Raising the stakes: more advice on creating sympathetic characters, from @p2p_editor

One writer’s thoughts on fitting in backstory

15 Reader Frustrations to Avoid in Your Novel

“What a Mouse Can Teach You About Story Arc”

The Secret of Great Scenes

A case for natural introductions of characters in novels

Character description–the art of ‘just enough’

News & Trends

Ebook market exploding

Eoin Purcell starts an “occasional” series on Things Publishers Fear–#1 is (surprise) Amazon

Put your backlist on the Kindle – now!

I quite liked this breakdown of current eBook formats (by @Paisano)

Using Scribd for book marketing and more

Site Building & Social Media

A blog tip to get you more comments

13 mistakes authors make on their blogs

Anatomy of a multi-author blog

& Platform Building

Top five tips to finding (and keeping) fans for your writing

The Seven Book Marketing Mistakes That Authors Make

How great author events happen

The Pain of Promotion

A quick platform analysis for writers (“bloom where you’re planted”)

Writers: self-conscious about self-promotion? @SGRedling has some advice

Tips on Book Titles, Back Cover Copy and Author Promotion by @SusanKendrick

Creating an iPhone app for your book or author brand


Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

Considering self-publishing? 10 questions to ask yourself

& Online Tools

Excellent post on writers’ grants by C. Hope Clark

Great sites for aspiring writers

Check out @lformichelli’s How to Find the Best Sources

Plot generator (useful for writing exercises)

The Writing Life
& Fun Stuff

5 ways to grow as a writer

Lack confidence in your writing? Might not be a bad thing


How to play nice at writers’ conferences

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