Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 3/19/10)

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Best of Best

What makes a query catch an agent’s eye? Specificity
@benwhiting / @NathanBransford

10 things you can do now to promote the novel you haven’t sold yet

Success as a writer depends more on intelligent persistence than on raw talent. – Ellen Jackson
[incredible story]

Best Top 10 Rules for Writers Culled From Guardian’s Top 10 Series

2 myths–overnight successes and ‘you have to know someone to get published’

Book promo–alternatives and stigmas

Stand Alone

No 3rd person queries. Don’t write as though the author of the book and the author of the query letter are two different people.

Agent hunt advice: If 1 agent makes an offer, contact others w/manuscript & give them time to respond.

If you’re querying a vampire book, it better have a plot that is UNIQUE. Bella wannabees are nearly instant rejections.

Query your own work. Don’t delegate this important task to a friend or family member.

If you use alt formats in yr novel (diary, poems) ask whether
it’s b/c it’s easier for you to write or if it benefits
the story.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Strategies a writer could take to ensure a publishing deal

What if a submission needs more work? [If it’s close, is it possible it will be accepted?]

How to format an e-mailed query letter

Resources for synopsis writing

Children’s magazine market for writers

Neil Gaiman on literary agents
[advice from 2005, mostly sound]

Craft & Technique

Great characters are like origami

When you tell but don’t show, the character in your mind doesn’t make it on the page

Awesome tips on writing dialogue

The prologue–use it or lose it?

Publishing News & Trends

Fascinating historical perspective from an epub insider: why ebooks failed in 2000, and what it means for 2010

Blogging, Site Building & Social Media

100 Twitter Feeds That Will Improve Your Writing

10 ways to build traffic to your site

The secret ingredient to an irresistible blog

15 free tools to mobilize your blog

Marketing & Platform Building

10 Ways To Raise Your Online Writing Profile

DIY Book Tours

How to get a blogger’s attention

15 Commandments for Getting FREE Book Publicity by @FrugalBookPromo

Brave New Writing World–Fans, Friends, and Followers

The Publicity Paradox

Resources/References & Online Tools

Who are “The Big Six” publishers?

Writing contests to avoid


The Writing Life & Fun Stuff

Christina Katz on Habits That Pay Off

Something to think about before complaining about your editor

Even famous writers had day jobs! (So quit whining.) Check it out

“Without a strong love-interest it would not go”: 110-yr-old rejection letter

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2 thoughts on “Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 3/19/10)

  1. Theresa Milstein

    The two Nathan Bransford posts related to query letters were great, as well as several of the Bubblecow posts. I’ve been wrestling with a prologue, so I liked that post as too. But the most helpful was the rejection post – I needed a positive spin on that subject. Thanks for passing on all of these great links.


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