Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 3/18/11)

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Also, check out these live, online classes from Writer’s Digest:

Best of the Best

Great edit tips -> The Delete Key: The Published Writer’s Best Friend

100 Things About a Novel

Do 99-cent e-books attract the wrong kind of reader? Fascinating discussion with @zoewinters

Lessons on Self-Publishing Success from Amanda Hocking

Craft + Technique

What is the most important moment in your story?

Too Much of a Good Thing: Overplotting Your Novel

Head-hopping as seen by publishing pros


Publishing News + Trends

Ebooks are making me recall the history of mass-market publishing

Interview with @MargaretAtwood about tech and writing + publishing: “No e-books without authors.”

Getting a read on the future of publishing (Globe and Mail)


Richard Nash: There’s no future in making money solely from selling digital content

Marketing + Promotion

Great article on sprucing up your Amazon page from @craftycmc

How to Write a Press Release: A Mini-Tutorial

Social Media

Great step-by-step guide to recording a video interview by @MichaelHyatt

When it comes to building your social media presence, there’s no such thing as too early


Best way to get a literary agent’s attention on Twitter – @AlexisGrant advice

A no-nonsense guide to sharing and promoting content on Twitter

Using Twitter to get a book deal by @leeaharris

Self-Publishing + E-Publishing

Top 4 Book Formatting Mistakes to Avoid

Making eBook Conversion Decisions

Authors, be careful not to overpay for POD services

The Writing Life + Fun Stuff

Scalzi’s e-publishing Bingo card captures most talking points in the debate.

Why panel sessions suck (and how to fix them)



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3 thoughts on “Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 3/18/11)

  1. Stephan Waldscheidt

    Although I follow you on Twitter, I am very grateful for these posts. You fulfill what I, as a reader, look for in a writer: You do a good job and I enjoy your work. That’s what I, as a writer, am trying to do with my books and blog posts, that’s how you build an audience.
    Thanks again.


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