Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 3/12/10)

I watch Twitter, so you don’t have to. Visit each Sunday
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Best of Best

Write A Selling Synopsis Without Losing Your Mind

Overwriting–spotting it

Great post here: why self pub books get picked up for publication by Alan Rinzler

Stand Alone

The ONLY necessary qualification to have your novel plucked out of the slush is great writing.

Conflict should escalate, & when the big moment arrives, pace should slow to give reader full scope of scene they’ve waited for.

Semiautobiographical, or barely autobiographical, fiction should not be queried as if it were memoir. It’s not about you anymore.

Using the word “I” is the key to self promotion failure.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Professionalism Begins With Your First Contact

An agent on submitting a partial

Defining steampunk as a genre

What does it take to succeed as a novelist?

Craft & Technique

What makes a good ending?

Opening lines–12 ways to start your novel

A film technique that could be useful for writers

Publishing News & Trends

Books overtake games as most numerous iPhone apps (Guardian, UK)

Correlation between print sales and free ebooks

Twitter, Blogs & Social Media

If an agent/editor dropped by your blog, would it be ready?

Marketing & Platform Building

Marketing–focus more on community than platform

Thoughts on writing communities
[developing connections that impact your success]

Trent Reznor’s music advice applies to writing: What to do as a New | Unknown Artist. Establish goals, forge your own path

Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

The Real Source of Self-Publishing Stigma by @zoewinters

How does an unknown author become a Kindle bestseller?

Trad Author Goes Indie and Back

Think that most of what’s pubbed today is crap? Robert McCrum points out that this is nothing new

The Writing Life & Fun Stuff

Take this Job + Write it: NYT on writing that proclaims the intelligence, peculiarity, beauty, horror of the workplace

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