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Best of Best

Why I say “no” to great work

Hooks that snag great book deals

Are you ready to query? Here’s a checklist.

Agent explains how to trim your query to 250 words

Stand Alone

It amazes me how many people need to cut the first paragraph of their query. If your query makes sense without it, it needs to go

If you’re a debut author, be aware it’s virtually impossible to break in with a novel over 120,000 words.

Why do some queries include how many chapters are in the mss? Why would that matter? What does that tell me? Just tell me word count.

Reason for rejections: Internal & external conflict don’t work together.

It’s a MYTH that getting published is a catch-22. You DON’T need to be published in order to get an agent.

The protagonist should not be able to just walk away from the conflict

Something that sets an experienced, professional author apart from one still cutting their writing teeth? How they handle a rejection

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

YA is red hot: Tips from 3 top agents from Alan Rinzler

When is it okay to nudge an agent?

How authors & publishers can collaborate, bond & boost book sales

Inkygirl interview: How Shannon Reinbold’s cell phone novel ended up as a St. Martin’s Press book

Craft & Technique

Great Post About Why Prologues Often Don’t Work

Want to write memorable fiction? Create a worthy antagonist.

The Career Novelist from Donald Maass agency available for free download

Download free worksheets by @becky_levine to help you self-edit and critique like a pro!

Publishing News & Trends

Back-Loaded Book Deals: The Biggest Bright Spot in Publishing’s Future?

Twitter, Blogs & Social Media

School Library Journal: “People Who Need People:
How 11 intrepid users get the most out of social media

Marketing & Platform Building

Useful post for authors from Berrett-Koehler Publishers on
“How to Book Speaking Engagements” for oneself

Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

The Guardian: “How to publish your own book online and make money”

What Every Self-Publisher Ought to Know About Editing

Resources & Tools

A tool for online, real time collaborative editing

23 Websites that Make Your Writing Stronger

The Writing Life & Fun Stuff

“In fact, the term ‘writer’ is almost a misnomer …
A writer must do more than merely write.” @chuckwendig

“Professional Development for Writers: 10 Simple Ideas” by Write Anything

9 ways to trick yourself into writing. I loved this post please RT

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