Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 2/26/10)

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Best of Best

Guardian asks many great authors their 10 rules for writing fiction

Some of the best writing advice ever, from a READER, not another writer
[Salon response to Guardian article]

A writer’s starter guide to Twitter: everything I wish someone had told me when I first started

Remember this! Editing advice you can’t miss from agent @elanaroth

Stand Alone

The WORD COUNT and GENRE of your novel are two crucial pieces of information for the query.

Received 12 rejections in one day? STOP subbing that Q! You are targeting the wrong agents, or the Q needs revision

The words “I just finished my first book” are red flags for agents reading queries. Best to say it another way.

After receiving a pass letter from an agent, don’t email back asking for feedback or referrals to other agents.

If your novel is fewer than 70k words, it will be difficult to place. Agents might not want the extra obstacle.

I’m always amused when I request partials and I receive them 2+ weeks later. It just screams “OH CRAP I HAVE TO EDIT/FINISH!

I can’ think of a more over-used plot device in kids/YA fiction than the “magical portal.”

“Professionally edited” doesn’t add anything to your query

Use your protagonists’ name in your query’s plot summary.

Are you following these ladies? They’re handing out free query help. @laurieabkemeier @KatelynnLacopo @sztownsend81
[via @LianaBrooks]

Reason for rejections: Internal & external conflict don’t work together.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

How to handle the silent treatment

Writing a query letter with voice


Query advice: give just enough info to entice, not so much that you bury the pitch. @heleneboudreau tips

Tips on creating a one-of-a-kind title, from former in-house fiction editor @bevrosenbaum

Craft & Technique

The writer’s toolkit: A voice journal for character development via Alan Rinzler

9 things you must know about your story before you can write it right by @storyfix

To revive a rejected story: use a new beginning/ending, change POV. Plus more tips.

Writing a Novel–Plot or Character? Which Comes First?

How split-second indicators can help you with show, don’t tell

The necessity and benefits of critique groups, by @chipmacgregor

The best writing advice. Ever.

Publishing News & Trends

3 things (among many) that no one knows about publishing’s digital future

Top speeches at O’Reilly TOC conference on digital publishing
[with links to presentations]

Twitter, Blogs & Social Media

How often should you tweet? How often should you Blog?

11 Characteristics of Highly Influential Bloggers

9 ways to be an exceptional guest poster

The reason why writers should blog everyday

Marketing & Platform Building

Resources for marketing your book online — by Simon & Schuster

Authors: heard you need an online platform? Here are do’s and don’ts!
[with specific info for kid-lit authors]

Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

Top 5 discussion forums for self publishers

Huffpost – Breaking Down Doors: My Self-Publishing Story

Resources & Tools

Publisher Simon & Schuster Says Authors Should Blog and Social Network

[includes links to great resources & how-to]


The Writing Life & Fun Stuff

A short video to make writers smile (on people who try to rewrite our books)

The Writer’s Guide to Money and Passion

“Make creative work the most important thing you do.” Nice one from @chrisguillebeau

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