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Best of the Best

“Is the future of physical book publishing the same as the future of reading and writing?”

Things you can do if your book is not selling so well
[great discussion in the comments]

“I am leaning toward telling new writers to self-publish rather than go to Big Publishing”
[Critical must-read]

Getting Published + Agents/Editors

How Much Editing Does a Contracted Book Need?

Interesting, long discussion of whether the art of editing has been lost

Why an agent can judge your book from your query letter

This post by @ColleenLindsay is still the definitive guide to fiction word counts. Bookmark it!

Craft + Technique

How to Learn Story Structure in Two Minutes or Less

The Scene Conflict Worksheet – Developing Tension in Your Novel

Plotting Made Easy – The Complications Worksheet

Publishing News + Trends

Is there hope for small bookstores in a digital age? –

Will Authors Become The New Fiction Gate Keepers?

Live Stream & Video: O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing Conference

Documenting the Fall of Borders Through Its E-Mail Newsletters [funny & sad]

Neil Gaman (@neilhimself) talks about how piracy helped sell his books

Q&A with @r_nash on the eve of his SXSW panel: “The e-book is transitional, a slavish mirroring of the physical book”

Social Media

Tips for Writers: How To Use Social Media & More

Websites + Blogs

Don’t Go It Alone: Relationship-building for Bloggers

Starting Your First Blog? 29 Tips, Tutorials and Resources for New Bloggers (a ProBlogger Classic)

Self-Publishing + E-Publishing

Digital Book World, ‘PW’ Present FREE Self-Publishing Webcast

Best selling trade-pubbed author Alisa Valdes explains why she’s experimenting w/self-pubbing

Amanda Hocking sold 450k+ of 9 YA paranormal books last month, virtually all electronic


Ebook Madness: Don’t Confuse Ebook Conversion With Ebook Formatting!

Fair Value? 7 Tips on How to Price Your Digital Products

Pricing digital content

The Writing Life

Quick & easy recipes for writers lost in a writing project–great new @HTMLGIANT feature

Reading in the Age of Screens

It’s Time To Kill Multi-Tasking

@EmilyMandel on authors dealing w bad reviews is the best thing I’ve ever read on the subject.


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3 thoughts on “Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 2/11/11)

  1. Steven M Moore

    Hi Jane!
    Good list of suggestions, good examples. Three additions and one comment: I would add "Put your website URL on your book’s back cover." I started doing that on my last two books and it made some difference. Also: "Throw your author’s card with the website URL into every bill you pay." You’re paying for the postage so they can’t really complain (not original–someone offered this trick to me). Final addition: "Write reviews and include your website URL." I’m talking serious reviews, stuff that shows you can write, not just "I liked (or disliked) the book." I review for Book Pleasures–no money in it, but some marketing benefit. The one comment is to expand on your "let it happen naturally" in #6. I think this goes for just about all our marketing. Nobody likes someone on Facebook, for example, that is only interested in pushing their book. FB has Fan Pages for that. I’m not sure I even use mine correctly, but I try to keep the social networking stuff independent from promoting my writing.
    Take care.


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