Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 1/8/10)

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Best of Best

Why the editor doesn’t love your book

I just posted So You Can’t Seem to Land an Agent—Now What?

5 Lies Writers Believe About Editors

Writers: don’t pose your question unless you’re prepared for an answer that may make u uncomfortable

Stand Alone

Protagonist must be active, not passive. Character can’t just have things happen to them, but must be pro-active.

Authors: there is really NO NEED to copyright your work before submitting. Seriously. Waste. Of. Time.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Enlightening stats: why lit agent @Janet_Reid rejected mss in 2009

List of reasons why a Del Rey editorial director rejected 133 mss last year

Is it ok to resubmit a revamped mss to lit agents after they reject it? Dystel & Goderich answers

How My Blog Landed Me a Book Deal

Personalization = good. Fake personalization = not so good.

Really thorough, great post from @ColleenLindsay
on word counts for fiction

Craft & Technique

30 one-minute tips for strengthening your novel, by Darcy Pattison

Alan Rinzler offers help with transitions and bridges

10 Editing tips from @MargaretAtwood

What the best writing teachers do

Twitter, Blogs & Social Media

Here it is. The ultimate guide on how to use Facebook to build your platform.

Blog writing—know your audience

Marketing & Promotion

Listing of online radio shows that regularly interview authors, tips on being a guest

Resources & Tools

Ever wondered if something was covered by copyright? Check this chart. Excellent resource.

Researching Agents: list of resources from lit. agent @JillCorcoran

The best writing tips ever, via @huffingtonpost

Librarything’s new iphone app finds local bkstores, libraries, lit fairs

The Writing Life & Fun Stuff

Out of Control (why balance is overrated) by @jonathanmead

Don’t worry if you don’t know ‘Absolutely Everything’ before starting out. by @gapingvoid

What does your favorite author say about you?

For us type geeks and font lovers – the periodic table of typefaces

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