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Best of the Best

The Top 10 Fiction Writing Articles of 2010

“I’ve sold over 185,000 books since April 15.” Amanda Hocking on e-publishing.

Lessons Learned From Tim Ferriss’ Book Launch

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Here’s a post I did on word counts after consulting with a number of US trade book editors

When Publishing Dreams Become a Nightmare – the author’s perspective on my blog

Freelance Writer Rates: Who Pays the Most Online?

Craft & Technique

The Contradictory Nature of Great Fiction

5 situations where it’s better to tell than show in your fiction

Five Words You Can Cut

A Writer’s Plot Board: Getting organized

Great series on self-editing, this week contextual editing [by @ChuckWendig]


News & Trends

10 Biggest Predictions for the Future of Book Publishing

Fantastic essay on the nature of the web. Read this now: “The Web Is a Customer Service Medium”

What lies ahead in publishing: @timoreilly on the influence of ebooks and why notions of “publisher” should change.

Marketing and Promotion

A Market Of One via @mitchjoel (remember re ebook protestations!)

Drop the Pen, Grab a Hammer: Building the Writer’s Platform

Book marketing mistakes: great series from @bookbuzzr: No 1 – No Tag Line for Book or Author

Creating An Author Brand: Why It’s Not Really About the Book

YouTube trends manager offers tips & new tools for book trailer makers

Self-Publishing & E-Publishing

Do authors make good publishers? Agent Richard Curtis said no, J.A. Konrath answered back [see comments on post for link to Konrath’s response]

TechDirt asks: Have We Reached A Tipping Point Where Self-Publishing Is Better Than Getting A Book Deal?

Author Devon Glenn shares lessons learned while reaching her @kickstarter goal this week

Websites & Blogging

Very interesting thoughts on the value of blogging vs Twitter

How to Create an Engaging and Effective Bio Page for Your Blog or Website

Social Media

8 Sentences to Immediately Cut From Your Twitter Bio

The Counter-intuitive Nature of Social Media Influence. Sometimes Up is Down & Down is Up

Case Study: How Twitter propelled @sarahsalway’s republished book up the Kindle charts

Online Tools & Resources

Best of the Best: Character, Plot, Dialogue and Structure

Resources for Authors Traveling To Book Clubs & Schools

The Writing Life

J.K. Rowling on Failure And Imagination

Why slow, long-form thought & writing is thriving in a world of Tweets


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