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Best of Best

According to @joefinder these are the 14 biggest mistakes even best-selling writers make

Easy on the hooptedoodle and 9 other writing tips from Elmore Leonard

How to negotiate the biggest possible book advance: 9 tips for writers from Alan Rinzler

“Most rejection letters mean nothing”
– 8 Rules of Rejections from a children’s book editor

Failure to be published: the harsh reality

Stand Alone

Memoir-writing is one of the most demanding of the literary arts. It’s not just writing down your life story.

I’m sorry but it doesn’t sound right when you call your own novel “remarkable” in the first line of your query

Best to avoid adjectives in your query. Don’t call your book upbeat, exciting, quirky, haunting, or fascinating.

Sending a correction to the query you sent an hour ago doesn’t make you look very professional. Proof before you send.

Dialogue:”said” is less distracting, fades into background; scene context & action indicate how dialogue is said, not adverbs.

Just received query that wins the prize for the worst opening line ever:”Tell me why you would be qualified to handle an all-time bestseller”

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Why Your Story Was Rejected: The Query Letter Conundrum

1st time authors: Don’t make it harder on yourself by writing a book longer/shorter than industry standard

Can author credentials (or lack thereof) ever hurt a query?
Lit agent @bookendsJessica answers

What can I expect of my agent? from Editorial Ass

Craft & Technique

10 Mistakes Writers Don’t See (But Can Easily Fix When They Do)

Self-edit checklist: Consistent pt of view? Unintentional repetition? Showing vs telling?

Don’t tell the reader someone was happy/sad. When you do, reader has nothing to see by @alexanderchee

What makes a novel BIG? by Donald Maass

The Single Most Powerful Writing Tool You’ll Ever See That Fits On One Page

The Secret of How to Create Conflict in Your Novel

How to use narrative tension to propel your story from @storyfix

Ask the editor: 6 steps to writing a memoir – by Alan Rinzler

Five Things You Absolutely Need to Know Before You Write a Novel

Fine-tuning our sentence structure

Intention + Obstacle = Story | Story idea formula & other tips from @paulayoo

Fresh idea for writers: start with the setting, then develop plot

One-Pass Manuscript Revision: From First Draft to Last in One Cycle – by @hollylisle

Tips for writing transitions between scenes

Publishing Biz, Trends, Future of Publishing

I liked David Carr’s perspective on publishing in the NYT today. Some companies are dying, others being born.

Smart look at the pros and cons of author vs. publisher branding by @dearauthor: “Book Branding”

Twitter, Blogs & Social Media

Do You Make These 10 Mistakes When You Blog? Great tips from @MichaelHyatt

Are you a blogger? Top 5 blogging misconceptions
(on Daily Blog Tips)

Help Other Writers be More Visible

A Guide to Interesting Twitter Fiction Projects, Past and Present


“The way that a book was published doesn’t matter at all. All that matters is the book.” by @selfpubreview (Agreed.)

New post at Writer Beware: how the distinction btwn self- and vanity publishing has blurred over past 10 yrs

Marketing and Promotion

What is an author platform? via @ChipMacGregor

Podcast: Author @sethharwood on podcasting to print publishing and building your author platform

Great info from @MarketLikeAChik – 5 Tips On How To Market Yourself As Your Main Product

What can book advertising trends teach you about how readers are discovering books? Check out new #followreader post.


New blog post: Introducing the Fiction Feed

100 Online Resources That Will Make You A Better Writer

The Writing Life

For those who missed it yesterday:
Portrait of a high-maintenance author

4 Reasons to Quit Writing Exercises

43 Most inspiring Writing Advice Posts of 2009

No one starts out as a great writer. You have to write garbage first. There are no shortcuts – by @barrylyga

Keep writing, be honest w/yourself, & you’ll be able to tell between good & bad writing by @barrylyga

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