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Best of the Best

Should you post your fiction on your blog?

Things Tess Gerritsen has been wrong about – ebooks, piracy, self-pub – must read!

Beware the Trap of ‘Bore-geous’ Writing: “writing beautifully but pointlessly.”

Our presentation: What Publishers, Authors & Journalists Can Learn from Indie Rock & Music Blogs

“People buy books from authors that they resonate with.” What makes people buy your books by @justinemusk

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

4 Reasons Why Bestsellers Get to Suck and You Don’t

How to write a 1-page synopsis

Craft & Technique

The 7 Worst Ways to Start Your Novel

The circle of tell-show-tell

Five Commonly Repeated Words to Hunt Down in Your Writing

Why less detail makes for more believable characters

6 Articles for a stronger, faster, better first draft

Design your plot in 100 questions – aimed at scriptwriting but good for novels

“Make your characters stand for something”: putting heart & soul in your story structure

5 ways to make your novel helplessly addictive.


News & Trends

A MUST-READ –> On The Certain Economics Of Relegating Paper Books To The Margins Of The Business

Are apps the 21st century chapbook?

Digital content isn’t defined by editions, so let’s stop thinking that way: An argument for open-ended publishing.

“It is not only the act of writing that is changing. It’s reading, too.”


Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

Agent Jessica Faust on self-epublishing: a viable option, but only if you know why you’re doing it.

Monetize it (must read for fiction authors)

Self-Publishing Company Comparison: Amazon CreateSpace, Lulu or Lightning Source?

Marketing and Promotion

Discover Your Hidden Remarkable Benefit

How To Connect with Readers using GoodReads


Colin Robinson, co-founder of @orbooks, talks about the evolving art of online handselling

“Your job as a marketer is to know yourself.” ~ @MaryDeMuth on my blog today

Blogs & Websites

7 Free Useful eBooks That Every Blogger Should Read > Some great resources listed here.

7 Secrets for Amazing Author Websites

4 things you should do after launching a WordPress blog (see 1st paragraph)

Social Media

How to Build a Real Network (Not a List of Strangers)

Seven tips on how to build a following online

The 10 Commandments of Social Networking for Writers
« Waxman Literary Agency

Online Resources & Tools

Lit agent Jennifer Laughran’s excellent go-to glossary for genre definitions

Top blogs for writers that I’m reading right now

Great list of websites who may review your self-published book or e-book

The Writing Life + Fun Stuff

16 Drinks Named for Authors and Their Books

What a conversation with a seduction guru taught one writer about creativity

Writing: Find the Time or Don’t

The Most Important Thing You Can Do: Start reading more … and don’t stop.


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