Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 12/18/09)

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Best of Best

8 Ways of Seeing People that Can Sabotage Your Writing by @dahveed_miller

Big writing secret: what “show, don’t tell” really means and why it’s important

What writers should know about Writing Contests

Why new writers shouldn’t start with a trilogy

Stand Alone

Fiction always has a plot. Something to unify it. If it doesn’t have a plot, then it’s an essay.

Writers: The magic really is in the revisions.

People that know you are not good evaluators of whether a book is marketable, for a host of reasons.

Just a helpful hint: don’t spend more words in your query describing yourself than you do on your novel.

We agents who request sample MS pages in the query are aware of formatting issues – don’t stress about it.

#ebooksummit @DanCosta asks what writers can do to survive. Matt Shatz: “Write code.”

#ebooksummit Tech fetishists overlook the power of a direct relationship with customers. That’s Amazon’s real advantage. (Apple’s, too.)

#ebooksummit Kindle beat Sony Reader primarily because they had the direct consumer connection and trust. One-click. Done.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

A big advance isn’t always a good thing. Other tips for authors on negotiating by @bookendsJessica

Little, Brown’s list of what makes a good children’s book

Be wary of unqualified people giving pub advice by @RachelleGardner

Publishing veteran says publishers are desperate for great debut novels

5 tips for authors before signing with a small publisher

6 Key Characteristics of Effective Book Titles

Craft & Technique

When To Stop Revising by @amy7a

The formula for a story and why stories exist

Today’s post is a dialogue masterclass

How to Mock-up a Picture Book: Tips from Darcy Pattison

Publishing Biz, Trends, Future of Publishing

Another brilliant post by @MikeShatzkin. Publishers’ survival won’t be distribution, it’s amassing eyeballs

Pogue in NYT – Should e-Books Be Copy Protected? His book was pirated to the skies but sales did not fall

7 Habits of Highly Profitable Authors
[Covey’s direct deal with Amazon on e-book]

At eBook Summit: agreement that $9.99 price not enough to support content creation & distribution; is advertising next?

Why ebooks don’t cost that much less 2 produce than p-books

Twitter, Blogs & Social Media

Does twitter kill the author mystique? Or does it sell books?

Lessons learned from a year on Twitter

This piece by @hrheingold is probably the best “why use twitter” piece I’ve seen

Self-Publishing & E-Publishing

3 Steps to Help You Choose a Topic for an E-Book

How a Self-Published Book Became a Best-seller

Being Practical: Publishing Vs. Self-Publishing:
Part 1 & Part 2

Finding a printer by @dmargulis

The Writing Life

Are You Making the All-Or-Nothing Mistake? by @ProcrastWriter

The Golden Rule of Writing by @onviolence on @WritetoDone

The converse of Gates’s law would be @timoreilly ‘s law: create more value than you capture.

Free for personal use–> Printer-ready 5×7 “Gift of Time” certificate for writers

By/From Writer’s Digest

8 articles to check out when it’s time to start revising

Defining picture books, middle grade, and young adult

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