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Best of the Best

Self-Promotion With Integrity

10 great writing posts from 2010. Worth a look.

Interesting article on making it as indie musician by OK Go’s Damian Kulash – lots of lessons for authors, too

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

5 writers talk about their book editors

Great article explaining why editors read with an eye out for reasons to stop reading

“I find that I know by the end of the first sentence that I will reject”

Craft & Technique

Can a first chapter be too exciting?

8 “Moments” You Absolutely Need to Deliver to Your Readers

Self-editing: 10 ways to tighten your copy

Top 5 mistakes writers make when penning sex scenes–and a writing exercise to avoid making them

Anatomy of a scene revision

How to introduce your characters at the start of your novel


How JK Rowling mastered mystery in Harry Potter


News & Trends

Don’t pave that cow path: Lonely Planet’s @gusbalbontin on agility in the digital age.

The future of publishing is writeable (smaller, easier, more personal)

End Of Days For Bookstores? Not If They Can Help It, from NPR; great quotes from @booknerdnyc + @bookpassage

Websites & Blogging

Print vs blog writing — well-written article, & this is my blog find of the day

Marketing and Promotion

How Timothy Ferriss (@tferriss) hit the Amazon Bestseller List; practical tips for all writers

How To Interview & Build Relationships With The Most “Influential” People In The World

Guide To Orchestrating A MASSIVE New Media Tour

E-Books & E-Publishing

“Breaking the Poetry Code”(Poets need to rethink form, not force old forms into new channels.)

Social Media

The One Thing About Social Media That Most People Don’t Think About

How do you find the time to do all this social media stuff?

Guy Kawasaki reveals a sure way to get Facebook fans

Online Tools & Resources

Want to understand transmedia? Here’s seven people I turn to for smart insights and good conversation

@Broadcastr is “like Foursquare for storytellers”

The Writing Life

Countdown to December 31: Your Writing Expenses by C. Hope Clark

Laura Miller on why we love bad writing



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