Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 11/6/09)

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Best of Best

3 Questions To Better Understand Your Novel

3 Storytelling Exercises That Can Get You Published

Writing the perfect scene by Randy Ingermanson.
Thought-provoking article.

Stand Alone

Dear Querier, an agent is not going to steal your idea. In fact the only way to market your book is to share it.

Fiction Writers, don’t apologize for lack of credentials or degrees. The writing is all.

21% of fiction book purchases in 2008 were based on online awareness. –Bowker Online

Why do indie authors feel the need to vehemently defend their approach? Most readers don’t care who the publisher is. Focus!

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

How long should you wait to hear [from an agent] about your book?

Craft & Technique

For fiction writers: First or Third? And How To Choose.

How to create a satisfying ending by @annastanisz

Writers, should you outline or not? Yes.

Publishing Biz, Trends, Future of Publishing

What Can Publishers [and Authors] Learn from @CoryDoctorow by Richard Curtis


Sci-fi collective, including Ursula K Le Guin, skips publishers, goes DTC via Kindle, Sony, own website via @thebookseller

John Grisham interview [Today show video] on writing and the future of publishing

What literature needs is not better publbishers, or agents, but CURATORS


Valuable advice for authors on use of Twitter for book marketing

The Savvy Author’s Guide to Podcasting
(guest post by @EmApocalyptic)

8 Tips on Creating An Army Of People To Market Your Book


Fantastic info for writers interested in residencies/retreats/grants via @alexisgrant @thecreativepenn

The Writing Life

WSJ: prominent novelists describe their writing process

John Irving: “If I were 27 and trying to publish my 1st novel.. I might be tempted to shoot myself.” (video)

From Writer’s Digest (or linking to Writer’s Digest)

Download free story-building worksheets here–great for NaNoWriMo writers!

5 Ways to Start Your Memoir on the Right Foot

Successful Queries: Agent Joanna Stampfel-Volpe and “Sway”

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