Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 11/5/10)

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plug for online classes this month:

Best of Best

If you don’t understand structure you’re going to waste a lot of writing

Storytelling in Chunks: a NaNoWriMo Tip

Storyboarding on a shoestring–freebies for writers

On e-books: A Publisher’s View of the Digital Transformation. Just appeared in November RWR

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Writing the Story Premise

Craft & Technique

Character Planning: A Little About Backstories and Inner Demons

Plot stuck in a rut? Consult Big List of Role-Playing Game Plots for NaNoWriMo inspiration

Is your symbolism too obvious?

The Diagnostic & Statistical Manual of Main Characters

Just to be safe, take the Fantasy Novelist’s Exam before writing yr #NaNoWriMo novel tonight

Essential Science for SF Writers

Storytelling in Social Media


News & Trends

Skeptical about enhanced ebooks and apps? Me? Not when it comes to juvies.

Feedback loops in e-book success [why e-books will become dominant format]

Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

CreateSpace Now Offering Kindle Formatting

Why Some Indie Authors Are Successful (And Many Aren’t)

How Public Domain Publishing Can Grow Your Business

Marketing & Promotion

Do Amazon Reviews Count?

Websites & Blogs

4 Surprising Conclusions About Author Websites

The 5 Biggest Mistakes that Artists Make on Their Blogs and How You Can Avoid Them

The Writing Life + Fun Stuff

Long-form journalism finds an online friend


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3 thoughts on “Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 11/5/10)

  1. Jane Friedman

    @Tamara – You could use Google Reader & add Twitter users (one by one), by using simple RSS feeds. However, if you’re following lots and lots of people, this can get cumbersome.

    I use Yahoo Pipes to aggregate people on Twitter, and create a new feed that I then input into Google Reader. You can see a copy of one here:

    You can also use (which allows for RSS feeds) to keep track of specific terms.

  2. Tamara G. Suttle

    Hi, Jane! I’m happy to have discovered a tweet tonight that led me to your blog and this post in particular. I love the idea of your "Best Tweets . . . ." I am a blogger and Licensed Counselor with a focus on mental health and also marketing. I am also new to Twitter. Just wondering if you can recommend a tool or two that would allow me to collect / organize tweets – surely you do something along these lines in order to be able to sift through the writers’ tweets that you do each week.

    I’m looking forward to following you and dropping in here periodically to read your blog, too. I have quite a few friends in the publishing world that are going to really enjoy your work and resources.


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