Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 11/27/09)

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Best of Best

Don’t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket By Writing Only One Book
@EelKat [linking to Writer’s Digest]

Writers Need Social Media… and Social Media Needs Writers

Stand Alone

I actually find writing process interesting…but not in a query letter.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Book pitch lines that DON’T work, from lit agent @bookendsjessica

You know what you’re writing about when you can summarize your story in 1-2 sentences (via @fictioncity)

Archives: Should I send a revision to agents looking at my work?

A thoughtful post on “What Do Agents REALLY Offer Writers?” from @JodyHedlund. Very valid points

Craft & Technique

Working through character & plot problems in your novel by @LKHamilton via @kimidreams

Excellent, succinct, multi-part series about how to begin a novel, by @anitanolan

How to reveal character through the dialogue you write

Biggest mistake made by 1st-time memoir writers: Being too general, not enough of yourself in the story.

Publishing Biz, Trends, Future of Publishing

Why Writers Should Say No to Writer Mills and Yes to Free

Earning out an advance vs. profit for publishers via @moonrat

The publishing economics of a bestseller

Bold prediction: Joe Wikert thinks Amazon will exit Kindle business within 3 years

7 reasons e-book readers make lousy gifts this year. We’re on brink of radical change in how read e-books (SFChron)

The Top 10 myths about e-books

Twitter, Blogs & Social Media

The importance of compelling copy for your website [the site should not be about you]

How to get a book deal, part 1: Print platform vs blog platform

How To Feature On The Most Influential Websites In The World – For Writers


Quick Note on Self-Publishing: Don’t Pay! via @scalzi

Why Do Fiction Publishers Get So Uptight About Self-Publishing?

Automatically Format Your Book Professionally In Word

Marketing and Promotion

9 tips for successful author readings, from Alan Rinzler


100 Free Lectures That Will Make You a Better Writer

The Writing Life

33 Rules of Persistence: Tips to Reach Your Goals

New research proves, once and for all, happy writers are lousy writers via @GOOD @Joelwillans

Linking to Writer’s Digest

7 Reasons Agents Stop Reading Your First Chapter – by @lkblackburne

If you think your work has a problem, then it probably does – & it’s NOT ready to send out to an agent

Breaking into literary fiction category: lit. agent Alex Glass advises getting credentials first

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