Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 11/20/09)

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Best of Best

4 mistakes commonly made by beginning writers (by Caro Clarke)

24 Agents Looking for New Writers

50 Things a Writer Shouldn’t Do

AWESOME article: The Most Powerful Two Hours You’ll Ever Spend as a Storyteller

Stand Alone

Thanks for important reminder! (from @KimsCraftBlog):
Story ideas can’t be copyrighted. You have to write it first.

Writers are artists. authors are businesspeople. or they should be.

If you don’t tell me where your last book was published, I am going to assume it was self published AND you are trying to trick me.

Self-publishing is a business decision, not an artistic or political statement. Can we move on now?

SECRET #pubtip: If you talk to me on twitter and I know (recognize) you,  I’ll pay more attention to your query

Queries with “So + so suggested I contact you” but I have no idea who so + so is. Don’t do that.

If your query is 3/4 about you and only 1/4 about your novel, you’re doing it wrong.

Decide what emotion you want reader to feel in scene/chapter & focus emotional arc to achieve that.

Saying it again- you have little control over how your finished book will appear (size, paper, etc.). It does not belong in a query.

Authors: Twitter is a great tool. But don’t neglect “old-school” internet—not all readers are on Twitter. 1st stop is a website.

If nobody is requesting partials from your query, rework your query. Perhaps your book isn’t coming across as strong as you’d like.

If you can’t write a good query, you either don’t know how to sell your book, or you need to write better one.

With nonfiction queries, after I get the idea I scan for your credentials. If they aren’t there, I decline.

Regarding self-pub, would prefer to see that you are querying with a new manuscript, but still would like to see sales numbers on last one.

Leave out “this is my first novel” in a query (at least to me). I prefer to think you have written one or two practice novels first.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Rachelle Gardner on some bad advice about agents floating around the Internet

Stop worrying about “all those awful books being published.” Advice from lit agent @RachelleGardner

What do agents look for? Great writers and great professionals

My Least Favorite Plots

When is a manuscript finished? When to query? My take

The Synopsis: what is is, what it isn’t & how to write it
by Caro Clarke

Craft & Technique

Are how-to-write books worth anything?

Stupid Writer Tricks: 10 Writing Tricks to Avoid by @davidledelman

10 words you don’t want an editor to think when they read your manuscript

8 Secrets to Creating Emotion in Your Novel


Top 7 reasons readers stop reading

How to avoid boring readers with 1st person POV by @jamesscottbell

11 ways to create suspense in your story by Gail Carson Levine

Character creation tip via @p2p_editor: Do your characters’ flaws work on more than one level?

How much descriptive detail is too much? Gail Carson Levine offers tips

Publishing Biz, Trends, Future of Publishing

Writers: Here’s an explanation of sell-in, sell-through, and earn out

Twitter, Blogs & Social Media

Writers who tweet for book deals:
Another good piece from @LydiaBreakfast

Blog posts now have a longer life span and travel further thanks to social networks.

Knowing if your social media is worth it. New post from @lizallen

Marketing and Promotion

How to Plan a Blog Tour


Authors keep asking me, “where do I find free stock photos.” Here are the top 12 free stock photo sites

The Writing Life

Are Writers Born or Made?

Fascinating post by @gwenbell about how to create your personal manifesto

From Writer’s Digest

Mitch Albom: The Keys to a Memoir (and a prompt) from @WritersDigest

10 Ways for Writers to Use Twitter Effectively

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