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Best of Best

Writers: If you think the story has a problem, it does—and any story with a problem is not ready.

4 Post-Its to Stick Up Over Your Writing Desk

Outstanding commentary on author promotion from Betsy Lerner: Should I Tweet?

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

If you are an author, are you building a tribe or just hoping to win the lottery? (Seth Godin)

What makes a book publisher drool? Can you say “series”? by Alan Rinzler

Does a long wait equal rejection?

Acquiring An Agent After Self-Publishing

Is contemporary YA a difficult market? [great hook examples]

Ever wondered what clauses in a publishing contract are most often negotiated by agents?

Why You Shouldn’t Write for Revenue Sharing Sites: Excellent, thought-provoking article

Craft & Technique

5 writing tips I learned from reading HARRY POTTER

10 Ways to Create a Plot Twist

Forget About Perfect Grammar and Just Write Well

Sighing. And 6 other things your characters do too much of

Can you get away with multiple points of view?

How to Cut Your Novel Down to Size

Checking for Plot Holes: Does Your Story Add Up?

What Isn’t Said: Subtext in Dialogue


News & Trends

Smaller Presses, Bigger Authors: As large publishers increase expectations of midlist sellers, indie presses see influx

Absolute must-read article for writers about the publishing industry and the “state of things”

Why The Book Business May Soon Be The Most Digital Of All Media Industries

“ serves as a laboratory for all kinds of online publishing”

No better thinker/writer about digital impact on media than @cshirky (this time on paywalls)

How E-Books Will Save Big Publishing

Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

17 Ways for Writers to Publish Their Content

11 Ways to Convince Readers to Buy Your eBook

Social Media

What’s the best way to gain twitter influence? Here are 2 views

Literary Writers and Social Media (The Atlantic)

Marketing & Promotion

The Art Thief’s Guide to Creating Work That Sells

Blogs & Websites

How To Easily Turn Your WordPress Blog Into An E-Commerce Site

Online Resources & Tools

Need more time to write? Try using an iPhone app to dictate your novel

15 Books for Creative Domination

@ElectricLit editor introduces Electric Publisher, the lit journal’s new app building service

The Writing Life + Fun Stuff

“Effing the Ineffable” (How do we express what cannot be said?)

Anonymous stories, written on found photographs

Nearly Christmas … here’s the only website you will need for writing gifts


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  1. David Mark Brown

    These "best tweets" entries are the single most helpful thing in my week to help me gain the big picture of what is going on out there with writing and publishing, and have served to help me make multiple connections. Thanks tons, Jane.


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