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Best of Best

Choosing An Editor For Your Work

Douglas Rushkoff on Upstart Publishing, Staying Human in a Digital World

Self-Help and Memoir: Do’s and Don’ts to Save Your Book

You Aren’t J.A. Konrath: Top advice from a top-selling Kindle author. And actually very positive.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

In today’s “closed-to-queries” climate, how can writers get agents? A few tips

How to pick an agent if you write for multiple audiences


The declining popularity of children’s picture books

Craft & Technique

Write characters, not “Mary Sues”

Outstanding interview with independent editor Ramona DeFelice Long. Hitting the wall at 100 pages?

Do you need a villain-style antagonist? What if you don’t have one?


News & Trends

“He who controls IP wins: Macmillan Starts Film/TV Division”

The e-reader incompetence checklist (for discerning consumers, editors, publishers and designers)

Smart piece by @brainpicker showing why Malcolm Gladwell is flat out wrong [about social media]


Platform Building, Self-Promotion

Publicity expert shows self-published authors how to use Google Alerts & Help a Reporter Out

Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

A look at Barnes & Noble’s new PubIt [self-pub] service (plus a small caution)

Blogging & Websites

3 Reasons to Start Blogging Before a Book Contract

To Blog or Not To Blog: Authors Online

5 Blog Naming Basics

Online Tools & Resources

Research Links for Writers
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