Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 10/30/09)

I watch Twitter, so you don’t have to. Visit each Sunday
for the week’s best Tweets. If I missed a great Tweet, leave it in the Comments. Always
welcome your suggestions on improving this weekly feature.

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Best of Best

The top 5 Secrets to Getting a [nonfiction] Book Deal
(by editor Alan Rinzler)

Rights and copyright are often confused. Writer Beware attempts to clarify.

Good post on word counts for novels [by an agent]

100 online lectures that will make you a better writer

Stand Alone

Allow backstory to come out as visually as possible, in small bits, throughout the story on an as-needed basis.

Never, never, NEVER query if you are not ready to send requested partial that very same day. Or even full ms.

REMEMBER NaNoWriMo only gives you a skimpy first draft – it takes months of editing to make it publishable!

Authors: there really is no need, AT ALL, to call my office after I request your partial MS to ask about “format.” Really. NO NEED.

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Types and meaning of rejection letters

An agent’s perspective on accepting a manuscript.

Craft & Technique

A Dozen Ways to Create an Opening Scene

“Doorways of no return” are the key to solid story structure.

Good short guide to 3-act structure with helpful definitions + links

How to Create a Pageturner

10 proven ways to create tension in your stories

An editor weighs in on what “well-written” means in #publishing

Great video with GREAT advice for all writers (Vonnegut)

Publishing Biz, Trends, Future of Publishing

The Day Publishing All Changed

Forget Everything You’ve Heard About Book Publishing

Book reviews don’t sell books anymore

Nice post from an agent about what happens when your book goes out of print


The Five Steps to Beginning a Social Media Strategy: “A strong social media presence takes time.”

Using Social Media to Build Your Author Brand

Free report: The Truth About Book Marketing

Pimp My Novel answers marketing questions from a [trade book] sales view

Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

Good thoughts on design + formatting using word processors in “From Word to Kindle”
[Note from Jane: Most impressive step-by-step I’ve seen on topic]

How to sell all copies of your self-pub book & *still* lose money
(& how to not)


A good post from an agent about writer blogs and websites

Great blog post about turning your blog into a book, from @alexisgrant

Twitter on Twitter

15 (More) Twitter Users Shaping Future of Publishing

Twitter Chats for Authors & Publishers

Resources and Tools

Thinking of buying an e-reader but confused by options? Here’s a cheat sheet by @HarryMccracken


Does your book title have what it takes to be a bestseller?
[Lulu’s Titlescorer]

From Writer’s Digest (or linking to Writer’s Digest)

A Pitch vs. A Synopsis: The Difference

How to write a novel using the Web (great list of tools from @mashable)

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