Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 10/29/10)

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Best of Best

A Comprehensive and Totally Universal Listing of Every Problem a Story Has Ever Had

6 golden rules of NaNoWriMo 

Even in queries, you should SHOW us how great your book is, don’t TELL us. No hype!

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Don’t fall for publishing industry scams

Good piece by @edhoganderby on editing process for his upcoming novel

Is Demand Studios a scam or a legitimate freelance writing opportunity?

Will Publishers Steal Your Book Idea?

Craft & Technique

Did you see Rollin’s 7 Sympathy Builders? Check them out

The McKee-Fields Sessions Part 1: Story Takes Flight

Become A Better (And Future-Friendly) Storyteller: Embrace Other Media


News & Trends

Book publishing would thrive by working more like the technology industry

Wired cofounder Kevin Kelly talks about what technology wants from the book business

Shatzkin, Digital Book World, Nash: Where is the Writer’s Brain Trust?

Blurring the Line Between Apps and Books

Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

Passing the Hat: Soliciting Donations in Web Fiction

What Do Self-Publishing Success Stories Have in Common?

Sci-Fi’s Cory Doctorow Separates Self-Publishing Fact From Fiction

Ebook Madness: Don’t Confuse Ebook Conversion With Ebook Formatting!

Online Resources + Tools

Helpful character creation links

The Writing Life + Fun Stuff

17 Reasons your film script was rejected … in 1925

Post from @MichaelHyatt has me re-thinking some things. Should we keep our goals to ourselves?


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4 thoughts on “Best Tweets for Writers (week ending 10/29/10)

  1. Mayowa


    Thank you for including Pens With Cojones on this week’s list. I look forward to the list every week and it was a pleasant surprise to see the blog on it.

    You deserve much thanks for all the effort you put into compiling the list. It is appreciated.

  2. Florence Fois

    Your comment section on "Glitter Train" article was blocked. Since I love everything you write, I’ll barge in here. Holy Toledo, sometimes in my life I have felt like a true "weirdo" … the urge kept nagging at me … I started when I was a small girl following my mother around the kitchen. She never knew if I was "making it up" or actually telling her some adventure that I really had.

    Thanks for directing me to this. I used to believe that because I didn’t write like Joyce Carol Oates or Atwell and my "pop" fiction ideas were too trite that it wasn’t worth the time. I discovered I will never be a "literary" genius and after many attempts to get one of my short stories on Glimmer, I thankfully left the two good sisters alone.

    Then I sat back one afternoon two years ago and laughed at my own jokes. Hey, this stuff is funny. So, I decided to settle for funny in the many ways we can do it in genre fiction … and after all … how many Amy Atwells can one world take?

    Thanks so much for your continued dedication to the writing life. It keeps me pushing the envelope.


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