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Best of Best

7 deadly sins of prologues

Very good article: “Authors Feel Pinch in Age of E-Books” (via WSJ)

“The Artist’s Responsibility” by @simonpulman (Just because you CAN publish anything, doesn’t mean you should.)

Getting Published, Agents/Editors

Asked and answered: picture book queries


News & Trends

Reversal of Royalties: A Modest Proposal, by Bob Mayer


Platform Building, Self-Promotion

How Authors And Writers Can Build An Email List For Marketing

Self-Publishing and E-Publishing

Why Agents May Be Opposed to Self-Publishing

Blogging & Websites

Why you should blog to build your writing career even if you don’t think you need to

Writers: marketing should be a side benefit. Your blog needs a higher purpose.

Social Media & Twitter

I Will Be Your Friend, But I Will Not Be Your Fan: A Rant About How Authors Use Social Media For Self-Promotion

The Writing Life
& Fun Stuff

A post addressed to ‘those of you who also write’ from best selling author Danielle Steel

Making a Living as A Writer: Should Prose Writers Act Like Poets?


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