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Best Tweets for Writers (4/22/09)

Categories: Best of Twitter.

Twitter, so you don’t have to.
If I missed a great Tweet, leave
it in the Comments.

Note: I partly decided to undertake this Twitter round-up to show writers why they might be interested in Twitter. I hope that the point has been made.

After this Friday, I’ll check in every week with only the most remarkable Tweets I saw over a 7-day period. (That is: I need some time to contribute other content for this blog!)

Most valuable Tweet of the day:

49 ways to profit from content marketing @dmnguys

The rest:

5 Things to Do Before You Create Your Freelance Business Website @FreelanceSw

Write or Die: Electric shock mode! @MichelleLDevon

The tweet is a merciless editor; list of authors on Twitter. (From latest Poets & Writers) @AlanKercinik

Editing: a gratifying & horrifying experience. @suvudu

Stupid gun mistakes every writer makes @AnthonyGOReilly

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One Response to Best Tweets for Writers (4/22/09)

  1. Monica says:

    Jane, I think you have made your point. I have ONLY RECENTLY been considering Twitter, and you’ve shown in a matter of days that there might be something substantial and useful I might be missing, and not just updates and movements of anyone and everyone I know. Thanks!

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