Behind the Scenes of Platforms of Yore: Not Every Cat Wants to Be The Cat in the Hat

Every issue of WD, we feature one of our favorite late great authors in a column called Platforms of Yore, where we imagine what their modern-day social media pages might look like. For the latest PoY column in our February issue, we featured Dr. Seuss. (Don’t have the issue yet? Get it here). Naturally, that meant in this particular column there had to be some reference to The Cat in the Hat—and naturally, that meant 1) it was the perfect time for my cat to make her literary debut somehow, and 2) we had to find a hat for my cat. (Right!? Cat People, you know this logic totally stacks up.) The result is the meme seen below (or featured in its full glory in the magazine on Page 72).


Meet Teaberry Louise.

What you don’t see above is that we tried to do this authentically, without Photoshop. But we found out that despite what Dr. Seuss or Petsmart or the Internet tells you, cats don’t love hats. They actually really really really don’t love them. And no matter how great your cat is or how wonderful your cat photographer—and in this case both are top-notch—putting a cat in a hat is a rather elusive endeavor. Luckily for our readers, though, we got the whole (attempted) process on camera.


First attempt.


Three seconds later.


And again.



dsc_3644 dsc_3645   dsc_3648


We had to take a play break with our trusty Millennium Falcon. [Insert reference to the Force/Carrie Fisher tribute]

dsc_3653 dsc_3654


She hates me.


From there, it was pretty much a blur.

Hats aside, Teaberry Louise is pretty chill. She’s also making an appearance in a book trailer for Treat Ideas Like Cats very soon, so if you’ve got literary need of a multi-talented tabby, holler at me on Twitter.

Baihley Grandison is the assistant editor of Writer’s Digest and a freelance writer. Follow her on Twitter @baihleyg, where she mostly tweets about writing (Team Oxford Comma!), food (HUMMUS FOR PRESIDENT, PEOPLE), and Random Conversations With Her Mother.

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