An Unconventional Cure for Writer's Block

It’s a quiet week in the WD office, with many people already taking time off for the Thanksgiving holiday. So it’s hard to muffle our giggles over Write or Die, a tongue-in-cheek site spotted by one of my esteemed colleagues. The first sentence says it all: “Write or Die is a web application that encourages writing by punishing the tendency to avoid writing.” Kamikaze Mode (“Keep Writing or Your Work Will Unwrite Itself”) may be of particular interest to those in the homestretch of NaNoWRiMo.


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0 thoughts on “An Unconventional Cure for Writer's Block

  1. Jessica

    Thanks for the comment, Dave! Those are two of my favorite tricks, too. For me it’s biking on a nearby trail rather than walking, but the same idea applies–fresh air, exercise, great scenery, and a lot of much-needed refueling. (And on a side note, in addition to its other myriad benefits, I’ve found is a great way to discover new artists I might not have heard of otherwise.)

  2. Dave Barber

    I haven’t had problems with writer’s block because of two tools I use.
    1) Music. Yes, I know it sounds easy (and to me it is) but I listen to certain kinds of music. It’s very inspiring. Even when I’m really tired, my muse is activated by soft music. A great site,, has great music you can listen to as you work. But sometimes I just need a change of pace. That’s where the second tool comes into play. Walking.
    2) Walking changes the channel, adjusts the focus to something new. I have to admit that Autumn is my favorite time to walk (and write!) but the other times are wonderful too. I have a special area in the mountains that is very inspiring. In this area, I can be alone for hours without seeing another soul! Very soothing, very nice for writing.

    Dave Barber


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