4 Tips from the WD Novel Writing Conference: Day 2

Saturday’s sessions and networking events at the Writer’s Digest Novel Writing Conference proved helpful, inspiring, energizing and, in the case of the Halloween-themed cocktail party, downright spooky. Here are some of our favorite tips and highlights:

jordan-rosenfeld “Your POV determines how close or ‘intimate’ the reader is to your character.” —Jordan Rosenfeld



helgaschier“The most important function of every scene is to bring out the underlying conflict between your characters.” —Helga Schier



grantfaulkner“‘I don’t have time,’ ‘I’m not a writer’ or ‘My story doesn’t matter’ aren’t good excuses for not writing your novel.” —Grant Faulkner



“A novelist has two lives: a reading and writing life, and a lived life.” —Jane Smiley



Our attendees went above and beyond with some truly creative literary-inspired costumes at our Halloween-themed cocktail party:

img_20161029_183545The Mad Hatter, Alice, and the Queen of Hearts (Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland)


Marla Singer (Fight Club) and Little Red Riding Hood


A writer tortured by his musesimg_20161029_183814

Charley Davidson from the series by Darynda Jones


Ginny Cook Smith (A Thousand Acres)


Dorothy Parker


Who’s Afraid of Virginia Woolf?


Ben Weber, from the author’s novel


An Egyptian princess, from the author’s novel


Stella, from the author’s novel


Writer’s Block

Thanks to the attendees and speakers for joining in the fun!

And make sure to save the date for the Writer’s Digest Annual Conference, August 18-20, 2017 in New York.

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