Write Your TV Spec… Just in Time for Staffing Season!

Hey, guys–

Just wanted to let you know: I’m teaching a new TV spec-writing class, starting next week, and the folks at Mediabistro said I could give Script Notes readers a $50 discount!

The class is a ton of fun… and a ton of work… but it’s designed to give you a finished TV spec script (a sample episode of a show currently on the air), just in time for staffing season… which will kick into gear next spring.

So if you’d like to learn how to write a spec, or work on your 30 Rock or Californication or Criminal Minds or Bones script in a workshop setting, this is a great experience.  We’ll not only go through the workshop process of writing the script, we’ll talk about which shows make good specs, what to do with your script when it’s finished, what else you need to do to break into the writers room, how to get an agent, etc.

The class begins next Thursday, October 16, and meets for ten Thursdays until January 8 (we’ll take off for Christmas and New Years).  Here’s some more information…

WHEN     10 weeks, Thursdays, October 16 – January 8, 7-10 pm
WHERE   Beverly Hills, CA
LEVEL     Intermediate

    $610 ($575 for ) – and $50 off for Script Notes readers (To receive your discount, please call Katherine Dagenhart at 212-547-7886.)

From the Mediabistro website

want to write for TV, and you’ve mastered the basics of meeting
deadlines, wordcount, and editing. Now you’re ready to get your script
off the ground. In this class, you’ll start and finish the first draft
of your sitcom or one-hour drama spec script. Each week, you
will bring in the amount of pages for your spec script that your
instructor requires. Each student will read his or her work (with the
help of fellow “actors” in the class), and the teacher and students
will take turns critiquing the piece while adding suggestions for
making it tighter. The entire last class will be devoted to reading
final drafts and learning how to get your script into the right hands.
Class is also heavy on TV clips and sample scripts.

In this class, you will learn:

  • Everything there is to know about the TV business from an industry expert
  • The rules for creating characters that are true
  • Structure: How to “break for commercial,” find a good ending, wrap things up seamlessly
  • The secret behind perfect dialogue
  • Subplots: Where to put them, how to tie them in

By the end of class, you will have:
A complete spec script of a one-hour drama or sitcom.

Admission requirements:
Please submit a letter of interest (including a brief work history), and a writing sample (less than 2,000 words).

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One thought on “Write Your TV Spec… Just in Time for Staffing Season!

  1. Jason

    I took this class last spring and could not have asked for a better experience. Chad is an amazing mentor. Anyone would be lucky to learn the craft from him. If you want to become a better writer, take this course.

    Also note – you get out what you put in.


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