Psychology of a Strike

Click here for a great article, from the latest issue of The New Yorker, about the psychology of strikers and strikees…

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2 thoughts on “Psychology of a Strike

  1. Allan

    I’ve just seen some of the videos posted on line by striking writers. They’re funny, they’re informative, they’re fresh. Why don’t the Writers Guild or the writers independently get together and form their own web TV channel? They could turn their talents into a fresh, exciting new media. I bet some retired ad reps would happily come in to sell commercials on the new web TV. The writers would probably make a hell of a lot more than 8 cents from it. And oh, btw, maybe that would be the inducement the poor down-trodden studios need to come back with a decent offer. (Which, in my view would be substantially more than 8 cents a download.)