Today’s Pitch Workshop submission comes from Wendy, who sends in a synopsis of her sitcom idea, Three-Two-One, to get some feedback from all you readers out there…
Think Sex in the City meets Weight Watchers; this sitcom cold opens each week with Emma, an extra curvy redhead, Mandy a philosophical dumb blonde, and Gwynne, a semi drag-queen, at a weight loss club; followed by an episode where the snarky humor shows the comedic side of their martini-hampered efforts to lose weight, manage their insecurities, and understand the men in their lives.

Wendy– thanks so much for submitting this.

Readers– critique away!

Coming up… responses to this and other Pitch Workshop entries… plus, Merik‘s question about pilots, Erica‘s question about spec scripts, Ronke‘s question about writing samples, and Mel’s question about fight scenes.  And– some great interviews and book reviews…

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4 thoughts on “PITCH WORKSHOP: Entry #9

  1. Tanya

    Your idea definitely has potential, Wendy. Scott hit on exactly what I was thinking – we need more insight into the types of people your characters are. You’re right in that your characters shouldn’t directly mimic Sex in the City too much, so I would just use that example as a starting point and really start to think about who your characters are and what they want. What propels them forward each day? How does each one act and react to situations? What did you like about Sex in the City that you could maybe incorporate into your idea, but with a different twist? Chad will also have great feedback for you to go further with your idea.

  2. Wendy

    I have been struggling with how to get as much info into the log line as possible without it becoming a synopsis.

    Gwynne is actually a male. I called him a semi drag-queen because we rarely see him in full drag, but he loves fashion and dresses to the nine. He is kind of the Samantha.

    Emma is the lead and kind of the Carrie, while Mandy is kind of the Charlotte, but I don’t want to give the impression that the characters are just chubby imitations of the sexy city girls.

    They have a whole different world that they live in peopled by more of a mid west crowd. But there are similarities such as their deep friendship despite being three very different people.

    Thanks for your feedback.

  3. Scott

    First question that popped into my head: How can you be a semi drag queen? I would suggest you focus more about who these women are and how they relate to one another. To say one of them is an ‘extra curvy redhead’ does not give us any insights into her personality. Is she a wisecracker? The straight woman in the group? Is she a tough, take no prisoners ballbuster or a sweet, considerate good girl?

    It is an interesting premise, and certainly could be popular.


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