READER QUESTION: Is the Script Workshop Still Up and Running?

Hey, folks–

Today’s question comes from Scott, a new reader who asks…

“I was wondering if [the Script Notes Pitch Workshop] was still running? I have a couple of loglines that I am working which I would like to get some feedback on, just to see if I am going in the right direction.”

Well, Scott– you’ve come to the right place.  The Script Notes Pitch Workshop is absolutely still up and running.  In fact, we switched it from being a “cycled,” or timeline-based, workshop to just being an open-ended program.  At any time, feel free to post a logline or short synopsis as a comment on one of the posts… or email it to me at… and I’ll get it up on the site. 

I try to comment myself on most of the loglines/summaries that come in, and I also post them so other readers can give feedback as well.

So feel free to submit away, Scott (you can even put your loglines as a comment to this posting)– I hope the workshop’s helpful and you get some good feedback!

In the mean time, keep reading… we’ve got some great stuff on deck… a discussion on copyright and script registration, some new book reviews, and a guest perspective on balancing a writing career with single parenthood (don’t worry, E. Daniels– I haven’t forgotten you)!

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5 thoughts on “READER QUESTION: Is the Script Workshop Still Up and Running?

  1. E. Daniels

    If it is indeed the kids’ fantasy, then I think we need to hear the logline from the kids’ perspective the whole way through. Also – if the movie is about what happens once the kids find out, then by all means, include that.

    Re: Spitchcocks – The logline seems to vague to me. Where’s the conflict? How did the band implode? Why is a reunion going to be so hard?

  2. Max Gerwin

    The thought is that the parents want to enjoy the rich lifestyle, but not corrupt their children. So they lead a double life… get a baby-sitter and go eat caviar, appreciate their lavish art collection, drive their porsche, etc.

    Basically it’s the kids fantasy where they find out their parents are spy, aliens, etc… but in this case, their parents are stinking, filthy rich.

  3. Scott

    The first one sounds like a potentially good idea, but the question that came to me is: why do the parents own a mansion next door to their own house? Or do the kids live with someone else?

  4. Max Gerwin

    MY RICH NEIGHBORS — A young couple wins the lottery the night they give birth. Not wanting to have their children grow up spoiled, they keep their tremendous wealth a secret. The kids grow up middle class, resenting the rich people who live in the mansion next door. Little do they know those “rich people” are their parents.

    JURY DUTY — Two potential jurors fall in love while waiting to be chosen for duty. The Woman is dismissed from the jury, and when the Man emerges from the trial six weeks later he embarks on a quest to find her. Unfortunately since both of them made up huge portions of their lives/ history to get out of Jury duty, how does he now find the love of his life in the real world when all he has is a bunch of made up facts and her jury id #?

  5. Scott

    Thanks for the answer, Chad. Very much appreciated. Here are a couple that I am working on right now.

    1) THE SPITCHCOCKS, a feature comedy, is about four friends who form a famous rock band who implode in the most spectaclur way. Now they must reunite for the biggest gig of their life.

    2) THE DEVIL’S MONEY, a feature crime drama, is about corrupt Mexican police forces who battle during the search for a kidnapped teenager.


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