More on Ageism in Hollywood…

Some of you may remember, a few weeks back when loyal reader Jon sent in a question and we had an ongoing discussion about ageism. 

Well, thanks to Jon for sending in “What Hollywood Is Not Letting You See,” a recent piece from Robert Elisberg in The Huffington Post

It’s a great piece… click HERE to check it out!

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One thought on “More on Ageism in Hollywood…

  1. Lisa

    Well…I figure when Final Draft inputs a slot on the title page for "Age of Writer," then I’ll begin to worry about it. I tell people that the benefit to getting older in this business is having older friends in the business with established positions that can and are willing to help you out. I also think with a lot of A-Listers entering their 40s, there’s more room for older writers creating older characters. Like the article says… a 70 year old has been 25, but a 25 year old hasn’t been 70. This is not to say that a 25 year old can’t create a role for a 70 year old…

    I don’t want to push around the young ones…I distinctly recall never being taken seriously in my 20’s working in H’wood either.

    I most certainly agree that a good writer is a good writer. I also agree that not knowing your film history is just utter laziness and the mark of someone who couldn’t care less about the industry and art of filmmaking, but only posturing and perfecting pretentiousness.

    Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid? I met someone that doesn’t know who Robert Redford is and of course, when asked about Paul Newman…you mean the salad dressing guy? Blasphemy.


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