WGA/Bullying Update – I get put in my place (thankfully)

Thanks to “WGA Writer,” who posted the following response in the comment section of yesterday’s post

“So it was okay for him to cross a picket line and take a WGA writer’s
job (Daytime is a WGA covered area) while they were on strike? That’s
called being a scab and it will bar you from admission in any union

My response: WGA Writer, you are totally right– and thanks for the
bitch-slap (although it wasn’t really a bitch-slap– you were pretty

We talked about this last night at the Guild, and the general point of
debate was: while the guy is certainly a scab and should be barred from
the WGA, did he really need to be publicly outted?  Since he’s NOT a
member, and wasn’t breaking rules that pertain to him, it’s one thing
to say, “Okay, fine– you can never join our organization”; it’s
another to shame him in public.  Couldn’t his name just go quietly on a
list of people who are barred?  Some people felt the public shaming of a non-member was unnecessary… others felt it gave the WGA some balls.

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One thought on “WGA/Bullying Update – I get put in my place (thankfully)

  1. The G'PA

    Ok. I can see not letting the guy in for being a scab, but for his whole life…a life sentence? They seldom do that at Cooperstown (Baseball’s Hall of Fame). How about "outting" him for a period of time…5 or 10 years? What if the writer learned a lesson from this and supports the next strike? I’m not saying I’m in favor of this. I’m just putting it out there.