THE WGA Deal Gets Closer?

Still no official contract announcement from the WGA or AMPTP, but the L.A. Times published this story this morning, offering more hope that a deal could be imminent.  Very imminent.

Then, just over an hour ago, the WGA sent this email to members:

“To Our Fellow Members,
While fully mindful of the continuing media blackout, we write you to address the rumors and reports that undoubtedly you have been hearing.
The facts: we are still in talks and do not yet have a contract. When and if a tentative agreement is reached, the first thing we will do is alert our membership with an e-mail message.  Until then, please disregard rumors about either the existence of an agreement or its terms.
Until we have reached an agreement with the AMPTP, it is essential that we continue to show our resolve, solidarity, and strength.
Picketing will resume on Monday.  Our leverage at the bargaining table is directly affected by your commitment to our cause.  Please continue to show your support on the line.  We are all in this together.
Patric M. Verrone
President, WGAW
Michael Winship
President, WGAE

UPDATE:  Hey, screenwriters– I’ll be traveling tomorrow, with no access to the internet.  So not only will I not be able to post any updates or developments on the strike front, but you’ll probably here the latest news before I do.  But I should be back in the loop tomorrow night or Tuesday, so stay tuned.  Also, we’ve got some great stuff coming up, including more interviews with Hollywood’s top writers and producers… Oscar chatter… and more writing tips, advice, and exercises…

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