The Future of TV: CBS vs. NBC

Hey, all–

Just wanted to point out a great article from Brian Steinberg in this morning’s Ad Age… he does a nice job of pointing out how NBC (which is seemingly in a deadly tailspin) and CBS are both programming their air in vastly different ways– and how their two strategies reflect the seismic shifts going on across television.

Click HERE for “NBC, CBS Have Conflicting Visions of Broadcast Future.”  (Also, I’m linking to TVWeek‘s pickup of the article, since Ad Age usually takes their pieces down after a day or two.)  (Damn those businesses that actually want to get paid for their services!)

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One thought on “The Future of TV: CBS vs. NBC

  1. cc

    hi chad,

    i had just finished reading this article when i saw that you linked to. one scenario the article fails to address is the possibility of each network pursuing its own course, with neither model winning out. cbs doesn’t have the basic cable real estate of nbc and nbc doesn’t have the ratings of cbs. fine, so they’ll each be successful on their own terms.

    maybe that’s the real shift in the industry, that the broadcast is no longer a monolith that requires each network to follow the exact same model. if basic cable is paying your bills, great. if digital streaming is working out for you, solid. instead of some new, never-fail, holy grail model, supplanting the old one, maybe adaptability is what needs to become the new norm.


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