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After an all-night negotiating session, haggling over deals, the WGA and AMPTP have set in ink their new deal.  The deal is very similar to the deal finalized by the Directors Guild last month, although it does have some impressive gains in the areas of residuals, separated rights, etc.

This deal has not yet been approved by WGA membership, which received the deal via email at 3:00 a.m. from Guild presidents Patric Verrone and Michael Winship, but membership on both coasts will meet today to discuss.  If membership response is in favor of the contract, the WGA West Board of Directors and WGA East Council will vote tomorrow on whether or not to officially recommend this deal.  If this vote passes– presumably pre-determined by membership’s support– the strike will be called off immediately, allowing work to resume and the industry to get back to normal.  The deal won’t be officially ratified, however, until WGA membership holds their official vote… a process that usually takes about ten days.

Here’s everything you need to know about the new deal, including the deal itself…

THE DEAL:  Click BELOW to read the text of the new WGA/AMPTP deal.

WGAdeal (020908).pdf (140.36 KB)

Cliick HERE to read the letter from WGA presidents Michael Winship and Patric Verrone.

MEMBERSHIP MEETINGS:  Here’s info on today’s two WGA meetings:

New York                                                  Los Angeles
Crowne Plaza Hotel, Times Square                Shrine Auditorium
Broadway Ballroom                                      665 W. Jefferson Blvd.
1606 Broadway (Broadway & 49th Street)

REPORTAGE:  Here’s a list of top news sources and how they’re reporting the deal…
The Hollywood Reporter
Deadline Hollywood Daily
New York Times
The L.A. Times
The Huffington Post

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