Hey, everyone–

My website,, is finally up and running… so please swing by and check it out!  You’ll find info about me (news, upcoming events and classes, etc.)… but you’ll also find some amazing resources for aspiring TV writers…

•  Job-hunting links and websites
•  Network, studio, and agency info
•  The best industry news sources
•  TV conferences, festivals, and contests
•  Books and software recommendations
•  …and much, much more!

Although I’ll continue adding stuff and updating the site (I think of it as a constant work in progress), I hope to make it one of the best go-to websites for TV writers looking for guidance, contacts, outlets, and resources.  So take a look and lemme know what you think!

(And a HUGE thank to my friend, Charlie, who has been helping me put the whole thing together.  I couldn’t have done it without him!)

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