READER POLL: Should the WGA take the AMPTP deal currently on the table?

So it’s true… after exactly three months of striking, the WGA may finally have an acceptable offer from the AMPTP.  Although we don’t know the exact terms, the proposed contract supposedly improves the residual rates for online streaming as proposed in last month’s DGA deal… it doubles the download residual rate… and secures guild jurisdiction over online content. 

The Writers Guild has agreed that as soon as it has an acceptable deal, it’ll call off the strike.  But is the current deal good enough?  No one knows… and that’s what’s leading to heated controversy throughout Hollywood.

Many people are clamoring that the WGA needs to take the deal as is; the studios have been fairly vocal that they won’t give any more, and the strike has already wreaked enough damage on thousands of families.

Others insist the WGA must hold out until it gets the deal it wants.  The writers aren’t asking for anything unfair or unreasonable, they claim; they deserve to get the benefits and compensation they deserve.

Still others simply want to give the WGA time to make its decision on its own… free from the pressures and persuasions of agents, producers, execs, and journalists all weighing in.  The soonest that decksion could come is this weekend… but it may take much longer.  And if the WGA takes too long, it could jeopardize the Academy Awards, this year’s pilot season, and the May Upfront presentations.  (In order to save pilot season, say the studios, a deal must be in place by February 15… and if there’s no pilot season, there probably won’t be any May Upfronts.  The Oscars fall on February 24.)

So everyone’s asking… WHAT’S A GUILD TO DO?

One thing, however, is for sure… whatever happens will affect not only the TV and film writers in Hollywood, but every writer in the country– novelists, journalists, playwrights– who’s current;y writing (or may someday write) something that could be used on television.

So what’s your take?…

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