Thanks for coming… now go pitch some shows!!!

Thanks so much to everyone who came to the my Small Screen, Big Picture
book signing and TV seminar, “Seven Steps to Selling Your Show” today at the Writer’s Store!  For those of you who were able to make it, I can’t tell you how much I appreciated you coming and supporting the book!  And thanks to Darren— who introduced himself as a fan of the blog– it’s always great to meet readers… I love it when you guys introduce yourselves, so double-thank you, Darren… it was terrific to meet you!

Also, thanks to Paula for taking and sending these pictures… for those of you who weren’t there, here are some quick, fun photos of the event!…

An incredibly awesome part of the seminar…

Another  awesome part of the seminar…

Me with Paula Yoo, TV writer & author (The West Wing, Tru Calling, Good Enough, Sixteen Years In Sixteen Seconds: The Sammy Lee Story)

Me with Anupam Nigam, TV writer/producer (Psych, The Division)

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2 thoughts on “Thanks for coming… now go pitch some shows!!!

  1. Matt Starr

    Hey Chad,

    I just wanted to introduce myself and say that I bought your book Small Screen, Big Picture a couple weeks ago and loved it. Wish I could have been over there in LA to meet you and hear your presentation. Like most of us here I have great aspirations to be a successful writer in television and film. I learned a lot from your book and will continue to use is as an advanatageous reference.

    I also look forward to submitting my entry very soon into the tv spinoff contest.

    Thanks again for the awesome blog and kickass book!



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