Scriptapalooza Screenwriting Contest 2008

Hey, screenwriters–

Some of you know the Scriptapalooza screenwriting contest, but for those of you who don’t– it’s one of the industry’s widely respected screenwriting competitions… and its deadline is March 5 (with its final deadline on April 15– when you’ll already be racing to get in your taxes).

There are a lot of screenwriting contests out there, but most of them are either bogus or ignored by the industry… but Scriptapalooza is one of the few with street cred.  Lifetime films Queen Sized (starring Hairspray leading lady Nikki Blonsky) and The Family Holiday both came from Scriptapalooza winners.

And this year, for the first time ever, scripts are emailable to the contest… which is cool both because it’s green– and it saves you money!  (Although personally– every time I save money by being green, I use that money to go to a forest and chop down a tree.  Just because I can.)

Anyway, it’s a good contest.  Check it out at

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