Help American Idol Writers Fight for Fair Wages and Equal Rights!

Hey, writers–

We’ve talked a lot here about reality TV writers’ fight for fair pay and equitable treatment.  Reality writers are often paid less-than-minimum wages, work illegally long hours, and rarely get breaks or meals… yet they’re writing jokes, breaking stories, and crafting scenes just like writers on The Tonight Show or The Simpsons or CSI or The Colbert Report.

The Writers Guild is at the forefront of the fight for reality writers’ rights, and their main target right now is Fremantle, the production company that owns and produces American Idol, one of the most powerful, profitable shows in the history of television.

Well, here’s an easy, painless, two-second way for everyone to get involved…

Please CLICK HERE head to American Rights at Work and sign a letter to the American Idol producers showing your support.  You can then forward the letter to you friends… and help demand Fremantle treat their workers fairly.

Also, here’s a video from the kickoff of the WGA‘s American Idol Truth Tour

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