Atlanta's TV Writers Need You… Tomorrow!

Hey, writers–

If you live in Atlanta, Georgia (or want to take a road trip), there’s gonna be some exciting writerly/political action this weekend.  Here’s the scoop…

Earlier this week, four writers were fired from Tyler Perry‘s hit TV show, House of Payne, which currently airs on TBS.  Why were they fired?  …Because House of Payne isn’t a Writers Guild show, and the writers wanted Perry to organize under the WGA so they could get fair pay, health benefits, and residuals.  You can read the whole story HERE (New York Times).

And for those of you who don’t know House of Payne, it’s the syndicated series from mini-mogul Tyler Payne, the writer/director of Madea’s Family Reunion, The Family That Preys, Daddy’s Little Girls, etc.

Not only is it COMPLETELY ILLEGAL to fire employees for trying to organize, but Perry‘s House of Payne deal is valued between $200-$300 million dollars… which is more than enough to pay his writers standard union writers and benefits.

So here’s where things get fun…

The WGA is staging a massive protest tomorrow, October 4, at the opening of Perry’s new Tyler Perry Studios in Atlanta… and if you’re available to go, they need everyone they can get!  This isn’t just a fight for the four writers (Kellie Griffin, Christopher Moore, Teri Brown-Jackson, Lamont Ferrell) fired from House of Payne.  This is a fight for writers and aspiring writers everywhere.  (Especially since Tyler Perry bills himself as a “maverick” who bucks the Hollywood system and does thing on his own terms.)  Here’s the scoop…

WHAT:    The WGA Protest of Tyler Perry Studios
WHEN:   Saturday, October 4, 2008
             4:00 p.m.
WHERE: Tyler Perry Studios
             2769 Continental Colony Pkwy SW
             Atlanta, GA

If you can’t make it but would like to donate money, or frequent flier points, to help fly other writers or WGA members to the protest, please contact Charles Allen at the Writers Guild asap.  You can reach him at 323-782-4565, or email him at

You can also CLICK HERE to sign the WGA’s letter of support for Kellie Griffin, Christopher Moore, Teri Brown-Jackson, and Lamont Ferrell.

Thanks for your help!

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