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Hey, guys–

Props to Andrew, who steered me toward an interesting website: The Write Environment.  Founded by screenwriter Jeffrey Berman, The Write Environment is actually a series of interviews, conducted by Berman, with some of today’s top TV and film writers, including Joss Whedon (Buffy, Angel, Dollhouse), Damon Lindelof (Lost), Tim Kring (Heroes, Crossing Jordan), and Doug Ellin (Entourage). 

Berman posts clips of the interviews on the website, and you can watch the whole of each interview by buying a DVD for $12.95.  I don’t know if you’ll want to toss down 13 bucks for any of these, but even just watching the clips is a lot of fun…

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One thought on “WEBSITE OF THE DAY: The Write Environment

  1. Jeffrey

    For what it’s worth, can I just say that the interviews are worth the $12.99. Unlike any other interview you’ll see with these writers I actually go into their work environment and talk to them up close and personally about their careers and work habits. And because they’re in a safe and familiar environment the writers appear more at ease and comfortable during our discussion.

    I mean, come one… where else are you going to see Joss Whedon, sitting with his leg up over the arm of a chair and discussing Serenity and Firefly as if he were just hanging out and talking one-on-one with a close friend?

    If you’re still not convinced, then by all means, check out the clips for each episode on my site.

    And please check out my facebook page because starting Feb, 7th, I’ll be conducting live interviews with popular TV writers in front of a live audience.


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