Hey, guys–

Props to loyal reader Charlie for submitting today’s website of the day… which, admittedly, is kind of random and seemingly off-topic, but I thought it was so cool and interesting– and, hopefully, helpful– I wanted to pass it on to you all.

So, for all you comic book writers and graphic novelists, or filmmakers using chyrons and on-screen text, or writers/producers making online content…

Check out Blambot, a site specializing in downloadable comic book fonts, thought/dialogue bubbles, and sound effects.  Most of these are for sale, but some are for free.  Personally– and I’m not a huge comics reader, although I like them– I found it interesting just looking around the site and seeing some of the different “behind-the-scenes” elements of comic book storytelling (there’s a list of interesting articles about comic-writing).  Plus, they have links to some other fun comic resources, blogs, etc.

Anyway, check it out… it may not be useful for everyone, but I thought it was kinda interesting to poke around…

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